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A truly one-stop shop operator facilitating Covid-19 testing in Malaysia

Digitalising the entire healthcare industry to build a seamless ecosystem for how medical services will be provided and carried out in future

Business Overview

Hong Seng envisions itself to be an emerging medical supplies and healthcare industry supply chain management specialist through its subsidiary,  HS Bio Sdn Bhd (formerly known as HS Bio Supplies Sdn Bhd).

HS Bio is working to be the most comprehensive player in the Malaysian private healthcare sector with end-to-end medical supply chain management solutions. We are actively involved in managing the entire end-to-end supply chain of COVID-19 testing processes known as HealthChain.

HealthChain encompasses everything from the front-facing and back-end processes, physical logistics, digital healthcare platform, laboratory facilities and research & development (“R&D”) services, as well as the provision of medical & healthcare supplies. HS Bio aims to digitalise the entire healthcare industry to build a seamless ecosystem for how medical services will be provided and carried out in future.


Our Partners

Pantasniaga Sdn Bhd

Pantasniaga Sdn Bhd procures innovative medical supplies and equipment for labs and medical facilities and is positioned to be the authorised distributor for major medical brands. Mainly handles specialised supplies to governmental agencies. Pantasniaga has already performed and fulfilled a few supply contracts for Malaysian government agencies with the most recent contract to supply PCR test kits to government agencies in Peninsula Malaysia and Sabah to fight the current outbreak.

NeoGenix Laboratoire Sdn Bhd

NeoGenix Lab is a medical diagnostic and research laboratory providing more than 76 tests ranging from infectious diseases, oncology, precision medicine, generic tests and etc. NeoGenix Lab also offers a wide range of customised life science services in the field of research and development, such as DNA and RNA extraction, bioanalyser, tapestation and gene expression microarray services, Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and bioinformatics analysis. NeoGenix Lab is the one of the earliest private laboratories which has obtained the Malaysia Ministry of Health’s approval in providing the Covid 19 molecular testing and real time RT PCR to detect the presence of the SARS CoV 2 virus and to diagnose the active Covid 19 in assisting the country's effort to flatten the curve of infection.

NeoGenix Sdn Bhd

The Group has also recently entered into a joint-venture partnership with Pow Pocket Sdn Bhd to set up Neogenix Sdn Bhd (“NSB”) with HS Bio holding 60% equity interest in NSB to work together to undertake tender awards from the State Government of Johor (“Johor State Government”) which includes the provision of online registration of inbound travellers at immigration points at the Sultan Iskandar Building (“BSI”) located at the northern end of the Johor-Singapore Causeway and Sultan Abu Bakar Complex (“KSAB”) located at the northern end of the Malaysia-Singapore Second Link to register and pay for COVID-19 medical screening and certification, and provision of quarantine and related services to include the Reciprocal Green Lane (“RGL”), Periodic Commuting Agreement (“PCA”), and Daily Commuting Arrangement (“DCA”) travel schemes. Jengu is currently the incumbent and only platform operating under the domain name recognised by the Johor State Government for all Point-of-Entry screening at BSI and KSAB through Neogenix Lab. It has the knowledge, capabilities and abilities to provide registration of inbound travellers at immigration points in the state of Johor, medical screening (particularly COVID-19 tests) via Neogenix Lab, as well as handling of quarantine and other related services.

HS Ligno Sdn Bhd

A joint-venture company with LiGNO Holding Sdn Bhd (“LiGNO”) to market and distribute the LiGNO’s products which aid in building resistance against lung-related and other health issues including, without limitation the Covid-19 virus.

LiGNO through its related companies is a company specialising in cultivation of medicinal herbs and manufacturing of supplements. Its cultivation and production facilities are certified and licensed including but not limited to ISO22000, HACCP, GMP, Halal, and Organic Certified, whereas its products have undergone extensive research with research partners from around the world. LiGNO is also the world’s first Tiger Milk Mushroom (“TMM”) cultivation expert, as certified by The Malaysia Book of records.

eMedAsia Sdn Bhd

Our partnership with Malaysian Medical Association in eMedAsia Sdn Bhd provides the Group an initial foray into the healthcare industry by leveraging on eMedAsia’s medical digital platform to tap into the market for supply of Medical and Healthcare Products to eMedAsia and its member clinics, doctors and their patients. HS Bio is working closely with our strategic partner for the 3PL and 4PL fulfilment services.

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